We’ve seen a near endless number of methods and compounds used to purge barrels and clean screws efficiently. After years of careful consideration and research, MSI has selected a purge compound worthy of inclusion into our product lineup.

It’s called Aquapurge, and while relatively unknown as yet in the US market, we’re confident you’ll enjoy its superior performance and its very competitive price.

It uses a complete mechanical process for scrubbing residues while leaving the metal surfaces in an unworn state. This is achieved by correct selection of filler components; ensuring they are hard enough to breakdown the carbon deposits yet soft enough not to damage metal surfaces.

  • Superior carbon removal
  • Above average color and material changing
  • Effective from 160°C (320°F) to 340°C (644°F)
  • Easily cleaned out by any material, including clear ones as well – (no milky moldings)
  • Can be used as a strip-down material

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