Providing the engineered solutions that save real money in a real-world manufacturing environment, Molders Services is your one-stop-shop for nearly everything needed by today’s plastic injection molders. From custom screws tailored to each client’s unique processing environment to a wide variety of construction options to suit any budget, we have more options, more capabilities, and more expertise at our disposal than any of our competition. Molders Services is an engineering firm first and foremost, and we take that moniker seriously and with pride. We are more than just a supplier of screws and barrels – we are your technical consultant here to assist you in resolving your toughest problems and help you capitalize on your largest unrealized opportunities.

Would you like to add that extra 10% to your bottom line by cutting your cycle time on a critical job? Perhaps improve your part quality to eliminate the plaguing defects you thought were inherent to a particular mold or resin? Maybe you thought it would be too difficult to find a solution. Maybe you didn’t even know there was one. That’s where MSI comes in. If the answer is there, we’ll find it. Our solution-based products are all designed and applied with one singular intention, to save our clients money and elevate their operation.


Molders Services Provides:
  • An extensive inventory of screw tips available for immediate shipment to get your equipment back up and running quickly
  • Nearly four decades of industry experience in screw design to ensure fewer molding problems and more good parts rolling off your line
  • The most durable barrels available on the market today – U.S. manufactured and time-proven
  • Precision manufacturing crafted to your exacting standards
  • A complete line of solution-based products, including our industry-leading line of modular nozzles offering mixing, filtration, and internal heating
  • User-friendly, effective, and efficient purge compound
  • Several distributor-supplied products including Herzog shutoff nozzles, radiant heater bands, and several others
  • Critical partnerships allowing us to provide specialty items such as tie bars
  • On-site barrel and screw inspection services from experienced and skilled technical experts
  • In-plant troubleshooting and equipment analysis by our highly skilled engineers to help you identify the root causes of molding problems and provide the right solutions to address your concerns
  • Onsite machine service by our extensive network of highly experienced technicians
  • Complete offsite machine rebuilding & overhauling to reinvigorate time-worn equipment
  • A broad menu of engineering services, including resizing of machine shot capacities for greater precision and cost efficiency
  • Consultation with experts who have the knowledge and experience necessary to optimize your production environment while improving efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Dedicated and demonstrated commitment to the plastics industry since 1983. Why trust anyone else? Call Molders Services today (248) 585-8120