These days, it’s even more important to find ways to cut costs and improve efficiency while maintaining high quality standards. Many of our clients are running at 50% manpower, making business improvement projects even more crucial. For many, engineering projects that have been shelved for years, but never quite got traction, just got real.  We’ve selected a few recent projects turned success stories we think are worthy of your consideration.

The attached briefing provides highlights on five initiatives that addressed issues near and dear to many of us. Real projects that are getting real results. And we’re talking significant return with breakeven in only a few months. Check them out for yourself!

Of course, every shop is different, with demands and complexities that are always unique. Can we save you this kind of money and improve your operation like the Engineering Case Studies we’ve provided here? Quite likely yes, but we can’t know how much until we look at some specifics.

Molders Services is prepared to do just that – no charge. If such a project makes business and operational sense, we’ll propose it for your consideration. If not, we’ll continue business as usual. Fair enough? Call when you have a moment to schedule a visit – 248.930.1444.