Sadly, we are nearing three years of the pandemic-driven economic downturn. And it’s no secret that a lot of equipment has been neglected, often out of necessity. Unfortunately, preventive maintenance and routine inspections can only be put off for so long before they begin to have a negative impact on output quality, consistency, and cost-effectiveness. This is especially true with your injection units.


Delaying screw & barrel inspections leaves molders with inaccurate information on wear level of these critical components. Unchecked wear often leads to unplanned replacements which drives up costs needlessly. How? Order-expediting adds significant cost and settling for off-the-shelf parts to stay “up and running” usually results in you getting less than ideal components. Your OEM may have a screw on their shelf, but is it the right screw??? The result? Risk. Waste. Customer dissatisfaction. Lost profits.


As your strategic partner, this is where your trust in Molders Services pays big dividends. We offer no obligation screw & barrel inspections to give you the exact information you need about the health of your equipment. Whether it’s a neglected PM or an ongoing problem that has been put off because pulling the screw is considered too costly or time consuming, the data provided by these inspections is an invaluable asset to your operation. And – when we perform an inspection, we also provide the following for you:

  • Precise screw, barrel, and tip wear measurement
  • Assure that the screws you’re using are ideal for the resins you’re processing. The wrong screw can result in significant quality issues
  • Report on any unusual observations (corrosion, abnormal wear patterns, damage, etc.) on components
  • Verify all drawings to ensure Molders can supply replacement components whenever needed, without disassembling the machine again
  • Perform shot calculations on any problem jobs you’re running
  • Make recommendations regarding the size of the injection unit, design of the components, and any other improvement opportunities that may exist
  • Supply concise, detailed inspection reports in Excel format, making it much easier for you to maintain accurate documentation for all of your equipment.
  • …and of course, Molders will supply you with a detailed quote on any suggested component replacements.

No two ways about it, there is far more to an inspection than just measuring screw & barrel wear. Performing this valuable preventive maintenance will save you time and money, while assuring top quality output for your clients. Performance information is POWER!  Contact us today to schedule (248) 585-8120!