Machine Rebuilding Services

MSI, in conjunction with our strategic partners, can design your machine rebuild project according to your requirements and budget. From simple equipment updating and worn parts replacement to a complete remanufacturing of your machines, trust Molders Services to provide the most skilled technicians and the best ROI.

Comprehensive Remanufacturing and Standard Rebuilding

Ourcomprehensive remanufacturing and standard rebuild process starts with an intensive analysis of machine systems and full disassembly. We thoroughly clean the machine and components. Our engineers conduct a complete inspection to determine level of wear and functionality. We then providea written quotation detailing a recommended scope of work.
You specify the machine to be either restored to itsoriginal OEM specifications (rebuild) or updated to current technologies (remanufacture).
Once the project is complete, we test the machine at full capacity to ensure optimum performance prior to return to your facility. Your machine will be completely painted and safety labels and guards provided. Our technicians are available to supervise onsite start-up and machine operation. Full documentation of the project is provided along with a one-year warranty.

Services We Offer

  • Comprehensive Remanufacturing
  • Standard Machine Rebuilding
  • Top Half Rebuild
  • Linkage Sets including our “Swap Out” Program
  • Inspect / replace injection end components
  • Replace proprietary components (such as valves) with off the shelf components
  • Hydraulics, Lubrication, PLC, Platens, Linkages, Tie Bars and more

Top Half Rebuilding

A top half rebuild project includes the entire linkage as well as all tie bars and nuts for both ends of your machine.

  • The movable platen and the toggle carrier platen are addressed
  • Tie bars are chased and inspected for any damage and cracks
  • Nut threads are chased and inspected for cracks.
  • The mating surfaces(where the linkage is bolted)are “skinned” to assure they are parallel and perpendicular.
  • The closing cylinder is removed, rebuilt and tested to ensure proper functionality As an option, you may also choose to re-qualify the stationary platen; however, this is usually unnecessary.

Linkage Sets or our “Swap Out” Program

A linkage set project involves everything in between the movable platen and the toggle carrier plate, including crosshead, links, levers, bell cranks, and e-bosses.
  • We thoroughly clean and inspect for damage, wear and cracks
  • New bronze bushings and alloy toggle pins are provided and installed
  • All bores are honed and precision-verified by master gages. All linkage centers are returned to OEM specifications
  • The crosshead is re-qualified and re-bushed
  • Lubrication is repaired or replaced as needed and all lube holes are cleaned and chased
  • The linkage is then painted and returned to youvia yourinstruction
  • The “Swap Out” Program provides you with an opportunity to access our inventory of linkage sets. We can help minimize downtime by beginning your rebuild program using an availablelinkage set while youcontinue to run the machine and verify dimensions