Poppet for Milacron PowerPAK

Improved Poppet Nozzles for Milacron PowerPAK

Anyone who has experience with Milacron’s PowerPAK line of machines that feature the extruder / plunger setup knows the extruder requires a unique poppet style nozzle that allows it to mate with the plunger barrel. MSI has offered this component for years for substantially less than OEM prices.

Milacron recently redesigned the nozzle to avoid a rash of fatigue failures. Unfortunately, this revised design resulted in an insert-style product reminiscent of the old ball checks sold in the 80s. Aside from multiple leak paths, this poppet has a tiny forward-facing cross section that hampers reliable positive shut-off.

A Superior Redesign

MSI analyzed the failures in the original and subsequent Milacron designs and came up with a superior redesign for this component. Our MSI-manufactured nozzle eliminates the fatigue failure while maintaining the trusted original design.

So if you have a PowerPAK machine and are buying poppet nozzles from Milacron, you are spending more than necessary. MSI has a superior option that costs less!

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  • Eliminates fatigue failure
  • Maintains trusted poppet design