Expertly-designed Hot Runner & Controller wiring solutions!

  • Simplify Hot Runner System troubleshooting
  • Prevent runaway heating and mold damage due to incorrect wiring

PowerTech Mold Wiring Systems eliminate the guesswork that is usually associated with wiring a Hot Runner System.

  • Greatly reduced heater and thermocoupler failure
  • Correct wiring every time
  • Zone by zone integrity
  • The simplest troubleshooting ever
  • All terminal block positions have pressure SEMS screws
  • The captive plate moves out when the screw is loosened
  • Slide the wire under the SEMS plate and tighten the screw


  • There are four terminal blocks for each mold zone: two on one side for power and two on the other side for thermocouples
  • All terminal block positions are numbered by Mold Zone
  • The mold connectors are pre-wired to the correct terminal block position at the factory
  • No crimping, no ferrules