MSI Equipment Management Services

It’s hard to make time for “big picture” operational planning. And you often can’t afford to pull your best and most experienced people off the production floor.

That’s where we come in.

MSI’s Equipment Management Services program can help you develop critical operational plans and monitor your equipment:

  • What are the best screws and barrels for us?
  • Which tips should we use?
  • How often should we perform preventive maintenance?
  • What is our total cost of ownership (TCO) for our equipment and supplies?
  • How do we get the most value from suppliers and hold them accountable?

MSI’s Equipment Management Services

MSI’s Equipment Management Services are designed to optimize the durability of the components you use, while minimizing the TCO of your equipment.

With our managed service, you’re assured of:

  • An initial thorough review of your equipment to determine its current state of operation
    • Any screw and barrel wear? Causes? Recommendations.
    • The screw designs / materials you’re using. Are they best?
    • What are the ideal screws, barrels and tips for you based on your jobs and press runs?
    • Determination of inspection requirements and recommended frequency
  • Inventory of your screws, tips and barrels along with forecasted requirements for replenishment based on usage
  • Periodic review of inspection data to validate your component designs and wear patterns
  • Collaboration between our technical teams to discuss any new jobs
    • Calculation of residence time
    • Calculation of recovery output / comparison with targets
    • Recommendations on press sizing and injection unit design
    • Review of potential molding and quality issues for input into the Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA)

Every molding operation is different. We’ll work closely with you to understand your exact business objectives to tailor our service precisely for your needs. Call us today to discuss how we can leverage our experience and bring even greater value to your organization while controlling costs predictably!