Every molding operation is unique.

  • We’ll work closely with you to understand your exact business objectives and tailor our service precisely for your needs.
  • We will come to your facility at no charge to identify any problems and guarantee the results. We will also work with you on a preventative / predictive maintenance program.

Screw & Barrel Remove & Replace

  • Don’t have the personnel to pull your screws for that badly needed inspection or installation? Get the work done for a reasonable rate.

Equipment Management Consulting

  • Optimize the durability of the components you use, while minimizing the TCO of your equipment.

In-plant Problem Solving & Troubleshooting

  • Experience with virtually every engineering grade resin and their processing requirements
  • Experience working with resin suppliers to design custom screws for each resin
  • Experts at identifying the causes of molding issues and solution implementation
    • Quality
    • Output
    • Screw, barrel, tip durability

Put our expertise to work for you!

At Molders Services we are experts in the identification of problems related to injection end components. Our Engineering & Equipment Management Services can help you develop critical operational plans and monitor your equipment.


  • Custom screw design
    • Selection of correct base material, mixer design, and profile
    • Optimize output, durability, and part quality
    • Eliminate quality defects on existing setup
  • Re-sizing
    • Custom solutions far outside what OEMs will work with
    • Resolve Pressure Limited jobs
    • Decrease recovery time
    • Minimize Residence Time to resolve corrosion and degradation issues
    • Better tailor barrel capacity to job sizes being run!
  • Residence time, shot sizing, flow restriction, recovery calculations
  • Tip customization for specific resins
  • Process optimization

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T)

  • Several course options offered via:
    • Public seminars
    • Self-paced curriculums
    • Online webinars
  • Customized on-site training seminars offered from any perspective of the organization
    • Product Design (print authoring)
    • Quality Control (inspection)
    • Manufacturing Engineering (tooling and process construction)
    • Metrology Lab (gauge building)
  • Hands-on consulting for project work
    • Single day kick-off for new projects
    • Multi-day & recurring sessions
    • Problem Resolution to avoid / address dimensional management issues
    • Team coaching & turn-key options offered
  • Services offered in either ISO or ANSI DIN for U.S. and international markets