Molders Services is proud to offer an exciting upgrade for aging hydraulic presses. Older machines operate on outdated and inefficient hydraulic systems, consuming lots more energy and causing a much greater load on cooling towers than modern systems. Despite the
efficiencies, new equipment is expensive and requires significant planning and downtime to procure and install. By upgrading the hydraulic infrastructure on your existing machines to servo-hydraulic systems, you forgo the expense of new capital investment while taking full
advantage of the efficiency offered by new equipment. Any press, regardless of OEM, operating on an asynchronous hydraulic system may be upgraded to one of our servo-hydraulic systems to reap significant energy and operational benefits.

The performance of Molders’ Servo Hydraulic System Retrofits is well-proven and not only saves money, but offers significant additional benefits like improved cycle time, quieter machine operation, less downtime and more. And – we can perform this as a complete turnkey service from start to finish, usually in less than a week. Call MSI today for a budgetary quote including implementation, projected savings, and payback.


  • 50%+ energy savings

  • Reduced load on heat exchangers

  • Improved cycle time

  • Quieter operation

  • Less downtime

  • Reduced carbon footprint

  • Replaces old, expensive pumps

  • Retrofit rebates available


Nissei 320T OEM

  • Original average cycle [kWh/h]: 10.454
  • Post retrofit average cycle: [kWh/h]: 2.772
  • Original energy consumption: 83,632 kWh / yr.
  • Post retrofit energy consumption: 22,176 kWh / yr.
  • Saving rate: 73%

Nissei FV9200 1000 Ton

  • Original average cycle [kWh/h]: 63.405
  • Post retrofit average cycle: [kWh/h]: 29.593
  • Original energy consumption: 384,236 kWh / yr.
  • Post retrofit energy consumption: 169.911 kWh / yr.
  • Saving rate: 53 – 56%