For mixing and filtration, or even both functions combined into a single compact design, trust Molders Services to provide the optimal nozzle for your processing requirements. Our precision-machined nozzles are made from the highest-quality steels, are virtually maintenance-free, and are readily serviceable. AND – any of our specialty nozzles may be customized to include our unique completely shielded, internally heated, ProShieldfeature. Whatever your processing needs, we have you covered.

MIXING (AccuMix™)

While it’s usually best to design a mixer into the feed screw, in some cases this is impossible. We have these situations covered with our AccuMix line of static mixing nozzles. Molders Services employs precision-cut mixing elements that are custom-sized for your jobs. This unique and proven approach allows for reduced flow restriction, more thorough mixing, and better purge-out. Once a nozzle body is designed for you, mixing elements may be swapped at will to accommodate different requirements.


When it comes to specialty nozzles, mixing is only one piece of the puzzle. Customers usually request a filtration nozzle to eliminate resin contamination. But it is becoming more of a must-have due to the increased use of regrind (green recycled material]. Our AccuGuard nozzles are designed to accommodate a filtration element custom-tailored for your requirements. As with mixing elements, our filtration components are interchangeable so they offer optimal flexibility and eliminate the cost associated with buying multiple products when a single nozzle will do. Trust us to accommodate any number of mixing and / or filter elements to handle even your most complex applications.


Large tonnage machines often bill out for hundreds of dollars an hour, yet their $10 nozzle heater bands can short out from excessive blowback bringing down an entire machine! Molders Services has a better way. Our ProShield preservation nozzle design is built with a serviceable internal coil heater to maintain uniform heating without an externally exposed heat source. The coil and all wiring are completely shielded back to the endcap interface. All components are serviceable to minimize replacement cost, assuring less nozzle heater band-related downtime, lower maintenance costs and uninterrupted productivity.


While our ProShield preservation nozzles may be purchased separately, any of our AccuMix and AccuGuard nozzles may be designed to include this unique and valuable feature, assuring versatility and the best overall price performance for your nozzle needs.