Injection Feed Screws Are NOT a Commodity

For such a seemingly small item, the risk of the wrong screw from the wrong supplier can have a huge impact on your operation, from performance and efficiency to quality output and reputation. Why risk it? No one knows more about providing the right screw for your equipment than the experts at Molders Services. Our capabilities and range of available materials are second to none. And we guarantee the performance and durability of every screw we sell – 100%.

Trust Molders for the right screw

  • Expert consultation
  • General purpose or custom
  • Superior part output and quality
  • Numerous construction options
  • Performance, fit, and finish guaranteed
  • Expedited delivery available

The wrong screw is all it takes to lose $90,000 per year.

That’s what we discovered during a recent screw inspection on a 500-ton Engel press. A poorly designed screw led to a ten-second increase in cycle time. This translates to significant and measurable productivity loss – in this case, $90,000 per year. Consider that the molder himself was making about $60 / hour, 40 hours-a-week. Running three shifts means $360,000 in direct labor to run that press. The 25% reduced output and cycle time increases translated to about $90,000 each year in lost production. A $4,000 MSI screw – the RIGHT screw – would have led to an avoided cost of about $86,000 on that one machine! Don’t fall victim to such efficiency drains and production losses – talk to us first. Molders Services assures you never have to settle for the wrong screw, a poorly designed screw, or inferior foreign-made screws and the costly ramifications that can result. We guarantee it!

The Informed Approach

At Molders Services, we’re all about performance and profit. YOUR performance and profit. It’s not just about getting you the best products on-time and at a fair price. It’s much more than that. It’s about focus and dedication to the details so you don’t have to bother. We partner with our clients on every sale to understand all facets of your operation. This allows us to design a screw specific to your unique processing environment and requirements. Our design process takes into account:

  • Cycle and recovery time
  • Finished product quantity
  • Consistent volume output
  • Fallout
  • Residence time
  • Cleaning between jobs
  • Screw-pull frequency
  • Historical molding challenge

Trust MSI for screws that are:

  • Dependable and high quality
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Performance-guaranteed
  • Accurately quoted and fairly priced

We can even come to you for:

  • In-plant inspections
  • Engineering consultation
  • Pickup & delivery for emergency repairs

Beware of inferior foreign imports. They may sell you a screw that fits your machine, but any similarities with an MSI supplied screw stop there! Avoid these common pitfalls from imported screws!

  • Substandard steels, coatings, and weld materials
  • Inferior workmanship & construction
  • Lack of supplier design expertise

All roads lead to the same place. Poor performance!

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