MSI’s quoting process sets us apart from other screw and barrel suppliers. Here’s an inside look at our quoting process and how we ensure each component gives you the best price, value, and return on investment.

A Quote for Your Requirements

Other suppliers quote you what’s best for them – we quote what’s right for you. Unlike other suppliers, we don’t rely on off-the-shelf solutions. Our quotes don’t have line items that give a price for an unidentified “screw” like they do. And we don’t have inside sales reps, who are often little more than phone order takers that rarely know anything at all about barrels and screws.

When you ask us for a quote, we ask questions to ensure we’re quoting an appropriate component, not just one that “fits.” Because MSI designs, manufactures, and distributes custom solutions, we evaluate your requirements for every requested quote individually. Among other things, we consider the resin(s) you intend to process, filler content, cost and timing requirements, and any added information we get from you or know from doing business with you in the past. Every request is reviewed by a technical staff member and one of our skilled logistics specialists taking all these factors into account before recommendations are made and a quote is issued.

Our Quote Process

This is a summary of our quote process. Take note of how each aspect of a solution is carefully specified, and reviewed:

  1. Receive RFQ from client
  2. Collect additional information if required
  3. Technical specialist reviews processing requirements to determine base materials, treatments, coatings, and profile, (including mixer) required
  4. Logistics specialist reviews component specifications and timing requirements to determine applicable sourcing options
  5. Quote is reviewed & approved by Director of Engineering
  6. Pricing & lead time obtained from supply base where applicable
  7. Quote issued
  8. Design & order are submitted for production upon receipt of PO. Lead time updated where required.

We recognize that turnaround time on quotes is often nearly as important as lead time on the components themselves. For this reason, all quote cost & timing requests are sent out to our supply base the same day as your RFQ is received. While we sometimes encounter delays in getting this information back in a timely fashion, we strive to have all quotations issued within one business day of receipt of an RFQ.

Once issued, our quote documents are clear and detailed, laying out exactly what we are proposing for you. No guesswork. No hidden costs. And don’t forget, everything you purchase from MSI is sourced from first-world material suppliers and manufactured in the U.S. & Canada. No exceptions. Not ever. In fact, take a look at an actual client quote below. Names have been removed to protect the innocent, but everything else is exactly what you can expect on one of our quote documents. We describe exactly what we’re recommending with no ambiguity.